Get Down!

So there I was, stuck at the top of a giant…pine…oak…some kind of tree. Frisbee in hand, and ready to go down. As I looked down at my friends, I realized that I was no longer close to the ground at all. The tree must have been 30 feet tall, and I was standing at the very tippy top of it. I’m not known for quitting, and there was no possible way I was leaving my brand new light-up frisbee in the bowls of some good-for-nothing plant. As the frisbee plummeted to earth, I immediately noticed a slight problem. I was now stuck. Damn my competitive nature. Gently, I put one foot on a lower limb. Good. Then another. Then a hand. I got about 15 feet down when, wouldn’t you know it, SNAP! Earth caught up with me quickly, but a pile of silica sand broke my fall.

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A Visit To An Interesting Place In Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a beautiful, mystifying city. An interesting place to visit is a Liverpool thai massage parlor. As a male traveler, I had heard of them. Do you get just a massage, or something else? I had to find out! I told the taxi driver to take me to an “out of the way” place, which he quickly found.

An attractive young woman greeted me as I entered the lobby and directed me to a changing area. Once changed into a robe a beautiful older woman directed me to her private darkened room with sweet-smelling candles. While I laid on the mat she started to use her hands, feet and elbows to push and pull my body into various positions. She used deep tissue kneading techniques, which left me very relaxed and refreshed. Afterwards she politely asked me in broken English if I wanted a “happy ending” to my massage. I quickly accepted…needless to say I left the place grinning from ear to ear; now I know why these massage parlors are known the world over!

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My Time on a Boat

When I was around eight years old, my father had a real nice boat that he liked taking into the lake behind our house. He loved that boat and would not allow anyone on it. My brother and I decided one night that we would see why he was so infatuated with it and took it out ourselves. After a while of driving the boat around the lake, we had crashed the boat into some rocks that laid in shallow waters. We were so afraid that the only thing we could think to do was call the numbers on the business cards from the person who sold our father the boat and ask for a new one. He of course said no, but he did say that damage from theft was in the warranty he had ordered. When we got home, my father was incredibly mad and grounded us.

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Newfound freedom has it’s perks

As her reflection stares back at her in the mirror, Stella recalls the last few months of her life. Sure, she’s newly single and could probably benefit from a dose of vaser lipo. Stella ponders that thought as she starts to relish her newfound freedom.The last few months have been peaceful without the seemingly endless rants of her unstable, soon to be ex husband. She has dated a few men recently and has been thoroughly enjoying her new “cougar” status. Who knew being an almost completely divorced forty something year old woman would be a perk? She decided right then and there she’d have to brush up on the newest “fad,” language. That would be awesome right? She smiled at her reflection as she pondered if a “cougar” should be using a term more modern than awesome in her new dating ventures. As she grabbed a small hunk of flesh on her stomach, she decided maybe she should make an appointment to rid her body of a little extra weight she’d been carrying around like baggage. She decided now is the best time to rid herself of all the “extra” things she’d been lugging around for decades.

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The Perfect Secret Garden Idea

It is the best idea ever presented for the outdoor gardens surrounding our home, a living wall that separates the house from the backyard area. Since we have such a nicely landscaped backyard, it has always been our intention to make it hidden away from the main household structure. By placing a walled separation between the visible backside of the home and the outdoor gardens, it will make for a perfect secluded space. It will ad privacy for outdoor activities, but also will make the landscaping even more effective. We can hardly wait until the work is finished and we can unveil our newly designed backyard hideaway to our friends. This wall idea is the finishing piece to our already beautifully designed home and garden landscape decor. What a great idea it is and we are so lucky that it came to us with at the perfect time for us.

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The Aging Process

Although aging has always freaked me out, I really didn’t expect all of the negative things that would happen to my body. From wrinkles, age spots, and yes ladies, the hot flashes the change in our bodies over time is real. While dealing in my own way with the other side effects and trying to boost my self esteem by staying in shape and eating healthy, I began to notice that over time my hair was beginning to thin as well. Are you kidding me? Although my shock quickly turned into panic, I called up one of my girlfriends about my discovery and she admitted that she too had suffered from this issue. My jaw nearly dropped as this woman had a beautiful set of shiny locks. I thought she was lying, until she admitted that she had undergone a FUE hair transplant procedure around ten years ago. She said she is so happy with the outcome and that I should give it a try.

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Time to Renovate

I knew that it’s time to renovate the bathrooms Bolton after everything look so cracked and worn down. I had been saving for this day to come, and so I was ready to pay for it the day I knew that it was time. The house was a hundred years old, and so it didn’t come as a surprise for me.

The medicine cabinet needed to be replaced, and I choose one that was off-white. The tiles in the bathroom needed to be re-done, and I decided to match the color of the tiles to the color of the floors. The toilet was breaking, so I decided to get that replaced with a more toilet. I only to make several changes in the bathroom, but it made the room feel completely different.

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Attractive Building

I own a private practice and it is very important to keep the outside of my business looking great. This brings me in more customers and it also is not an eyesore for people driving by.

Every year, I get my parking lot repaved or filled in with asphalt so that there are not any potholes. I do not want any of my patients falling or getting a flat tire when they visit me. I get my windows washed twice a month so that they are not filthy and by getting them cleaned it extends the life of my windows. I used to have about ten garbage cans lined up behind my facility, now I have a dumpster. The front of my office has golden gravel to spice up the look of the property.

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